• How would you like to have greater intuitive powers and enhanced command of your imagination?
  • Would you like to receive, record and transmit powerful inspirational wisdom at will by utilizing 100% of the brain's awesome power?
  • How would you like to master the power of spiritual leadership?
  • You do have the ability to save the world.
  • Master Universal Happiness.

#1 International BestSeller



“This was such an inspirational read for me and I definitely feel like a new person after really taking in what Antar had to say. I also enjoy the fact that this book comes with a whole institute that expands on the lessons described in the story. This is extremely helpful and I will definitely be looking into some of the author’s coaching courses.” – Ibrahim K.

“This book is truly a game-changer and a life-changer as well! The lessons and principles outlined by the author are genius; I feel more motivated than ever to achieve my dreams and life’s destiny. If you feel stuck in your life, Antar will get you motivated and inspired!” – Gina G.


About Antar

Antar, who is a #1 International Best Selling author, uses the power of compelling metaphorical writing to educate in a subtle yet transformative way. By way of an innate creativity and nearly savant mental capability, Antar weaves an entertaining, memorable and lesson- filled story as he assists his readers and listeners both, to navigate their unique course towards realizing your life’s destiny. A renowned authority on the human condition, his story holds the keys to understanding his evolution and why he impacts so many in such an amazingly brief time span.

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Coach Antar is awesome! His guidance and commitment to greatness is the bomb.com! He inspires me to travel a journey of truth and self improvement. In which, I can become the best self I can be. God will reward me when I reach my spiritual self! Coach Antar taught me that I’m already equipped to make the necessary changes. With prayer, practice, patience, discipline and research, self elevation is very attainable!

-Takiyah Turner

I can’t hardly express in words how inspired and guided I feel after my coaching call with Antar. He helped me see how obtainable my goals are . How I already have things in place it’s just now time for me to implement. Get ready to take off! Wisdom, Peace and Love to everyone

-Moni Belcher

The Stay In The Miracle Institute Courses

Secret Science of Genetic Rehabilitation For The Entrepreneurial Mind


Secret Science of Genetic Rehabilitation For The Entrepreneurial Mind

The rebuilding of the human intellect, body and soul on a cellular level. Who you have been in the past is not who you have to be today.

Using the Secret Science Of Genetic Rehabilitation for the Entrepreneurial Mind you will help yourself and others become the super successful person you have imagined and dreamed you would become. With this Secret you will achieve MASSIVE improvement physically, mentally, spiritually and meta-spiritually in every cell of your body.

 Championship Performance Coaching System For The Cosmic Entrepreneurs


“The Most Powerful YOU”       “Coach Yourself To Mastery”

I want to speak to the most powerful you. This is a part of you that you might not recognize yet. We have six subjects for you to master, world issues in need of solutions, which you will help solve. This is a championship coaching system involving you in championship concepts and training to bring out your best and highest consciousness.

  1. What Is A Woman Tour – How to Eliminate sex trafficking, physical and mental abuse, exploitation and discrimination.  Join The “What is a Woman Tour” and help elevate the female population of the world.
  2. How to Reverse the Ethnic Annihilation – How to eliminate gang wars, PTSD in the hood, poverty-mentality and identity crisis.   Be a part of the solution to the African American dilemma.
  3. The Secret of the Infinite Intelligence – Is it your voice or God’s Voice? Learn How To Decode The Secret Of The Infinite Intelligence
  4. Become One with Nature – The salvation of the planet and the rescue of the animals, insects, fish, air and water.  Become a universal custodian for the Earth.
  5. The Cure – Eliminating preventable diseases like heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, diabetes, etc.  Achieve excellent Health & How to slow down the aging process using the power of your intellect.
  6. The Energy of Death – For those who are contemplating suicide, we offer successful prevention strategies.

Master Plan For Cosmic Entrepreneurs


The Strategic Development of Generational Wealth

If you have never inherited generational wealth then you must master this course because this wisdom represents your opportunity to be the example of success and the first person in your family to develop the foundation of generational wealth.

In this training you will learn the distinct difference between the power of developing individual wealth and the super power of developing generational wealth.Your family name can now become permanent, your family name can be like Hilton, Hertz, ford and Toyota.

Meta-Spiritual Leadership Academy for Cosmic Entrepreneurship


The True Power of Meta-Spiritual Leadership

The academy shows you how to have universal happiness and cosmic bliss.  

“The highest station of leadership is not business, political or religious leadership. It’s not military, scientific or social leadership. It is the science of meta-spiritual leadership. If you are a fortune 100 C.E.O, billionaire real estate tycoon, successful entrepreneur, school teacher, congressman, parent, scientist, carpenter or small business owner. The ingredient that will take you to the next level of success is to master the true power of meta-spiritual leadership.” 

Speaking Topics with Antar

Antar Speaks on Entrepreneurship, Spiritual Development, Business Development and Self Improvement covering topics like:

  • The 7 Lessons Of Entrepreneurship
  • The Secret Of Sales Success/A Challenge For The 80/20 Theory
  • Concentration And Visualization Techniques That Produce The Most Powerful You
  • Excel With The Characteristics Of A Champion
  • The Seven Heavens Of The Mind
  • The Theory Of Conjunctive Congruity
  • The Art Of Planetary Thinking
  • Marriage Is The Best And Most Profitable Business
Books by Antar

#1 International Best Seller

The Secret Of The Infinite Intelligence, Second Edition

This book is an inspirational book full of entrepreneurship, self help wisdom, sales training, motivational psychology, metaphysics and meta spiritual awareness wrapped neatly in an epic story. In This Book You’ll Learn About:

  • The Seven Lessons Of Entrepreneurship
  • Metaspiritual Awareness
  • The Seven Heavens Of The Mind
  • The Theory Of Conjunctive Congruity
  • Success Through A Productive Negative Mental Attitude
  • The Power Of Planetary Thinking
    …and Much Much More!

Cyber-Neuro-Genetic Technologies


– the home of Dr. Shepherd’s Universe Science Fiction Series


Extraterrestrials On Earth 2022

David reflects on a difficult day of using super powers to end genocide and ethnic cleansing.He remembers how he and his sister Joan were recruited to participate in a mysterious assignment that turned into a matrix that gave birth to the strangest announcement this planet has ever heard.The announcement explains what happened to the dinosaurs; who built the pyramids; and that there are extraterrestrials on Earth.


The Extraterrestrials Presence

Meeting extraterrestrials face to face is surreal. No feeling adequately describes it. In training to become a cyber super warrior, Joan realizes that her destiny is, one day, to fight to save the Earth. Dr. Shepherd is the most interesting person David has ever met.When Dr. Shepherd’s identity is revealed, a new reality emerges. It is greater than anything David’s imagination could ever conceive, but he wasn’t afraid.


The Neurogenetic Implant

The student masters must learn how to use their new cyber-neurogenetic technology that has now become one with their anatomy. Dr. Shepherd is literally re-creating their brains and their bodies. His galactic plan will soon transform Earth’s population. The artificial intillect the people have been given must be removed and student masters must use their super powers to create The Third Self to save Earth.